Monday, May 23, 2016


Sleep in trees Monisha
Sharp teeth Bella Rose
Orange and black spots Andrew
Skillful climbers  Lia & Aryton
Eat animals like crocodiles and zebra Brooklyn,Lochie & Ollie
Sharp claws Lani
They climb and balance on trees Neveah
And walk along the branches Sophie, luka
Brown eyes Andrew
Cats Amelia
Whiskers Lani
Furry ears Keiran
Good runners
Fit and strong Brooklyn
Run fast Isobel
The jaguar can range across a
Whole class writing with Ms Donald
We have been reading the story "Going on a Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen
In the story the bear's features are described :"One wet shiny nose, two big furry ears, two big googly eyes, It’s a BEAR!"

So Rm5  changed our Bear Hunt to a Jaguar Hunt.  Here is how we described them.